Why I do what I do

how you make strings by jen a reality

I am pleased that each recipient of my string art signs knows that they are receiving a stunning gift of beauty fit for royalty.     

     -Jen, Owner of Strings By Jen

Before I created Strings By Jen

I was a new stay-at-home mom. Before that, I had spent years working at a desk answering phones. I had tried out different home-based businesses and nothing felt like the right fit or was ideal for the stay-at-home mom life. 

Then one day we were invited to a wedding.

I was faced with the dreaded situation of what in the world we give to the happy couple. Registries are okay but can be so impersonal, and over-picked, leaving little within your budget.

I really wanted to give something special.

For these reasons, I ventured into making our friends a personalized string art sign that could be used in their new home. It was a huge hit, they loved it! I loved making it and soon was asked by a couple of family and friends to make them something. But it wasn’t really a business in any sense, although maybe it could be.   

I was concerned…

I was concerned maybe my issue with giving a great gift was not something that was experienced by many others. Maybe I’m the weird, awkward one that makes this whole process much more difficult than it needs to be because I want it to be special.  I just needed something more to feel confident in taking the next step and so far it just wasn’t there. 

But then…

I received a call that would change everything. A family member had a booth reserved, selling her own art, at a local outdoor marketplace. She wanted to let me set up a few of my signs to get some feedback. So that’s what I did. The experience of meeting and talking to complete strangers about my art was slightly terrifying. But my signs sold and the fantastic feedback was the magic moment I needed to just know I needed to keep going. 

I set out to create the most detailed and eye-catching string art signs for the most thoughtful and the best customers in the world.

It turns out,

The road was more difficult than I imagined. I wanted to have as many local suppliers as possible. I also had very little physical space in our home to create. 

It took some extra leg work but I was able to secure the majority of my supplies from US-based suppliers. The space issue still remains, however, my husband is very supportive and doesn’t complain when I take over the kitchen table to make all your signs. 

The most difficult hurdle…

Was the mental leap of faith that was required of me to have confidence in myself and my products. Through it all, we released our first products and the response has been a roller coaster ride never to be forgotten.